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What happens to your contact information

This page contains this Web site's privacy policy with respect to your contact information.

When you submit your contact information, you agree to allow the Webmaster to store it safely and to use it to contact you. You agree to allow the Webmaster to display your names (then and now) and class year on this Web site as someone who has signed in. The Webmaster agrees not to disclose any other parts of the information without your permission.

You agree that the email address that you submit belongs to you or that you have permission to use it. The Webmaster will not use the email address that you submit until he has sent a confirming message to that address and he has received return confirmation. This three-step "double-opt-in" policy helps to ensure that you typed your email address correctly and also that a person does not accidentally or maliciously submit a email address that does not belong to him or her.

You will have the option to disclose your email address to all the others who have signed in. The Webmaster will not do this without your permission.

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