Roger Johnson Retirement Reunion

Who's Signed In

The following Millikan instrumental music alumni have signed in on this Web site. Each alum's current name is shown. If the alum used a different name while at Millikan, that name follows in parentheses.

If you graduated from Millikan High School from 1969 into the mid-1970s and were an instrumental musician there, please sign in!

If your name is not on this list, you have not signed in (or have not completed the sign-in process), so please sign in now.

See our Who Attended page for a list of those on this list who attended the concert and reception.

Class Name
1969 John Bailey
1969 Jennifer Fukunaga (Jennifer Eipper)
1969 Ron Lira
1969 Laurel Samson (Laurie Dart)
1969 Linda Waltzman (Linda Temkin)
1969 Lorrie Wellenstein (Lorrie Langevin)
1970 Ann Bailey (Ann Crawford)
1970 Alan Black
1970 Stephanie Carter (Stephanie Crlenica)
1970 Steve Curtis
1970 Jane Langel (Kim Freeman)
1970 Patrick Mott
1970 Cindi Napper
1970 Joan Poltack (Joan Eipper)
1970 Gail Record (Gail Holmes)
1971 Alan Applegate
1971 David Bachle
1971 Richard Bartkus
1971 Michelle Bass (Michelle Chase)
1971 Keith Eilerman
1971 Scott Graham
1971 Robert Prince
1971 John Rabold
1971 Bonnie Rawson (Bonnie Mitchell)
1971 John Ryther
1971 Wayne Selover
1971 Daryl Temkin
1971 Mike Whitlow
1972 Mary Crawford
1972 Bob Haskell
1972 Gary Napper
1973 Pam Arrastia (Pam Sorbo)
1973 Lynette Bennett (Lynette Langevin)
1973 Robin Guyett-Neenan (Robin Guyett)
1974 Sharon Clark (Sharon Graham)
1974 Dawn Passaro (Dawn Schasker)
1976 Sven Anderson
1976 Claudia Fitzpatrick (Claudia Hoskins)
1976 Julie Gianessi (Julie Richards)
1976 Luanne Olson (Luanne Langevin)
1977 Cathy Whitlow
1978 Gregory Wayne (Gregory Gay)
1979 Bob Crail
1980 Todd Dever
1980 John Vandenberg
1981 John Larkin (John Hecox)
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