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Photos from Alumni Weekend 2015, the 40th Reunion of the Pomona College Class of 1975.
© 2015 Nelson B. Arnstein, M.D.

IMG_0259: New art bldg
IMG_0260: New art bldg
IMG_0261: New art bldg
IMG_0262: New art bldg
IMG_0264: New art bldg
IMG_0265: New art bldg
IMG_0266: Rains Gym
IMG_0267: Discus thrower sculpture in Rains Gym
IMG_0268: "Endless Hallway" in Rains Gym
IMG_0269: Chart of total and accepted applicants by year
IMG_0270: Chart of total and accepted applicants by year
IMG_0271: “Endless Hallway” at Seaver North
IMG_0272: Seaver Auditorium
IMG_0273: Cathy Corison at Frary winetasting
IMG_0274: Frary
IMG_0275: Frary
IMG_0276: Prometheus: a new perspective
IMG_0278: Prometheus: a new perspective
IMG_0280: Prometheus: a new perspective
IMG_0281: Frary ceiling
IMG_0282: Corison
IMG_0283: Corison
IMG_0286: Genesis
IMG_0287: Genesis

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