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Photos from Alumni Weekend 2015, the 40th Reunion of the Pomona College Class of 1975.
© 2015 Nelson B. Arnstein, M.D.

IMG_0313: Seaver Biology Bldg
IMG_0314: Seaver Biology Bldg
IMG_0315: Seaver Biology Bldg
IMG_0316: Seaver Biology Bldg
IMG_0317: Seaver Biology Bldg
IMG_0318: Seaver Biology Bldg
IMG_0319: “Endless Hallway” in Seaver South
IMG_0320: Seaver Commons
IMG_0321: Seaver Auditorium entrance
IMG_0323: Seaver South
IMG_0324: Seaver North
IMG_0325: Tree in Seaver Commons
IMG_0327: Turrell’s Skyspace
IMG_0328: My room senior year: Clark V S2
IMG_0329: Walker Beach
IMG_0330: Walker Beach
IMG_0331: Seeley Mudd with reflection of CMC new bldg
IMG_0332: Seeley Mudd with reflection of CMC new bldg
IMG_0333: CMC new bldg
L1050607: Dinner in Coop ballroom
L1050611: Senior thesis art projects
L1050612: Senior thesis art projects
L1050614: Senior thesis art projects
L1050615: Senior thesis art projects

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