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Photos from Alumni Weekend 2015, the 40th Reunion of the Pomona College Class of 1975.
© 2015 Nelson B. Arnstein, M.D.

L1050616: Senior thesis art projects
L1050617: The Sagehen Triathlon
L1050618: The Sagehen Triathlon
L1050619: The Sagehen Triathlon
L1050620: The Sagehen Triathlon
L1050621: The Sagehen Triathlon
L1050628: The Sagehen Triathlon
L1050629: Alumni at Big Bridges
L1050630: Alumni at Big Bridges
L1050631: Alumni at Big Bridges
L1050632: Class of 75 at Carnegie
L1050633: Class of 75 at Carnegie
L1050634: Class of 75 at Carnegie
L1050635: Larry Cenotto
L1050636: Larry Cenotto
L1050638: John Rabold
L1050639: Frank Zappa plaque
L1050640: Board with Frank Zappa plaque
L1050641: “When I Die”
L1050642: “When I Die”
L1050644: Little Bridges
L1050646: Dr. Donald Bentley proving all numbers equal 47
L1050647: Proof
L1050649: 47 Teeth in a Snapple cap

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