Pomona College Class of 1975

Photos from
Alumni Weekend 2005

This is an approximation of our authorized class photo, taken on the south steps of Smith Campus Center on Saturday, April 30, 2005.

Back row, left to right: Duncan Wyse (pale blue shirt), Mary Stanton-Anderson, Doug Alexander, Jody Savage, Steve Krueger, Cynthia Linton, Roy Savage.

Row 3: John Rabold (green shirt), Laurel Dickranian Karabian, Brad Anderson, Gwen Whitson, Bertram Sohl, Eric Friedman.

Row 2: Eric Batres (letter jacket), Diana Larralde Batres '79, Ben Selters, Nelson Arnstein, Nancy Cea Lara-Moscardini, Sundee Morris, Jean MacFarlane-Malarkey, Sue Ellis Bell, John Durkheimer, Leigh Ryan, John Bauman.

Front row: Bruce Ishimatsu (orange shirt), Ron Robertson, David Zulli, Ann Savage, Vicki Paterno, Eleanor Brown, Christine Kopitzke, Mary Schmich, Talitha Arnold, Susan McLean MacLeod, Andy Howard, Bruce McMenomy.

Thanks to Michael Mahler '74, Vicki Paterno's husband, for taking this and the previous photo.

Photo by Michael Mahler