Pomona College Class of 1975

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The Class of 1975 Banner

Some classmates who see the image of our class banner, shown here, may feel slightly confused. Did this banner exist when we graduated? In fact, it didn't. Here is the story as told by our classmates Pamela Rutledge and Chris Kopitzke:

Pamela wrote: "Sumis Id Quod Sumas -- It means, more or less, 'we are what we are.' Our class had never had a banner and slogan for the parade of classes, so (and should I even admit this?) prior to the reunion of maybe 1985 Chris Kopitzke and I made up a banner and slogan. (Needless to say, we could always solicit new ideas for a slogan now that we're so old and wise and make a new banner.)"

Chris later wrote to Pamela as follows: "As for the banner, I think we picked the slogan as a sort of humorous acknowledgment that our class was not much one for class activities or group spirit, but was nevertheless an interesting collection of individuals. I remember looking in the back of my dictionary in the hope of finding an appropriate Latin phrase, and 'Sumis id quod sumas' jumped out at me. It means 'We are who we are,' which celebrates our individuality without apologizing for our group apathy. As I recall, we were working on a tight deadline (as ever), and you put in some late nights to design and sew the thing. So the real story is that I looked in the back of a dictionary and you worked like crazy to make the banner happen."

The class of 1975's banner, reading 'SUMUS'