Pomona College Class of 1975

Reunion Class Gift 2005

For the fiscal year 2005, which ended in June 2005, the Class of 1975 presented a Reunion Class Gift to Pomona College in the amount of $96,227. Of the available members of the class, 57.2% participated in the gift.

Of the fourteen classes in reunion in 2005, only four presented a larger class gift, and two of those were the classes celebrating their special 25-year and 50-year reunions.

Our class far exceeded its previous giving efforts, both in the size of its gift and in its participation rate, as shown in the graphs of our recent giving history below.

Congratulations to our reunion chairs Vicki Paterno and Leigh Ryan and their committee of volunteers who worked so hard to encourage us, and thank you to all who participated in our Reunion Class Gift 2005.

class giving, in dollars, 1994 through 2005
class gift participation rate, 1994 through 2005