Musical Public Radio Programs and Channels


This page lists a selection of widely-known musical radio programs broadcast by United States public radio stations. Following a link takes you to that program's Web site. In many cases, the site will enable you to listen to the current episode of that program at any time you wish. The site may instead list radio stations on which you can hear the program, by listening to that station's audio stream. In many cases, the Web site will also maintain an archive of historical episodes of the program to which you can listen whenever you wish.

Acoustic Café"radio's best international showcase for new acoustic music"
Afropop Worldwide"dedicated to music from Africa and the African diaspora"
American Routes"explores the shared musical and cultural threads in ... American styles and genres of music and how they are distinguished"
Art of the Song"a virtual coffeehouse for singers, songwriters, creative explorers and fans"
Beale Street Caravan"capturing and exporting the sounds of Memphis and the Delta region ... to celebrate the culture of our region"
Celtic Connections"traditional and contemporary music associated with the western European lands occupied at one time or another by people of the Celtic tribes and their descendants"
Chicago Symphony Orchestra"live concert performances by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, recorded at Symphony Center, alongside selections from the orchestra's expansive catalog of commercial recordings"
Classical Guitar Alive!"to promote the love of classical music with the guitar to the widest possible audience, and in innovative ways that have the greatest impact and benefit to all"
The Cleveland Orchestra"the Cleveland Orchestra has long been committed to the pursuit of musical excellence in everything that it does"
Concierto"presented in Spanish and English ... classical music by Latin American and Spanish composers and musicians"
Echoes"cross-cultural and trans-millennial, merging cultures and forms, technology and tradition, the ancient past and the possible future"
etown"educate, entertain and inspire a diverse audience through music and conversation in order to create a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable world"
Exploring Music"five-program weeks that explore a particular topic, from Handel and Bach to symphonies and string quartets"
Fascinatin' Rhythm"popular American music from Stephen Foster to Stephen Sondheim in the context of their relationship to American history"
The Folk Sampler"a mix of traditional music, folk, bluegrass and blues; each program revolves around a theme"
Footlight Parade"showcasing the best of Broadway and Hollywood — songs from the turn of the 20th century to today"
From the Top"America's largest national platform dedicated to celebrating the stories, talents, and character of classically-trained young musicians"
Harmonia"today's performers of medieval, renaissance, and baroque music bring to life the music of the distant past"
Hearts of Space"a mix of ambient, electronic, world, new age, classical and experimental music"
Jazz After Hours"jazz musicians young and old play thrilling and adventurous jazz in clubs, concert halls, festival stages and recording studios all over the world"
Jazz Profiles"profiles the legends and legacy of jazz"
JazzSet®"hear today's best artists in performance on stages around the world"
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra"moving music forward"
Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz"acclaimed jazz artists share music and memories"
The Metropolitan Opera"a vibrant home for the most creative and talented singers, conductors, composers, musicians, stage directors, designers, visual artists, choreographers, and dancers from around the world"
The Midnight Special"the world's weekly aberration of folk music and farce, show tunes and satire, madness and escape"
Millennium of Music"the sources and mainstreams of European music from the thousand years before the birth of Bach"
Mountain Stage"performances from seasoned legends and emerging stars in genres ranging from folk, blues, and country; to indie rock, synth pop, world music, alternative, and beyond"
Music and the Spoken Word"modern and traditional arrangements of spiritual, patriotic, popular, classical and contemporary music coupled with timely, inspiring prose"
New York Philharmonic This Week"The New York Philharmonic, a longtime media pioneer, began radio broadcasts in 1922"
A Night on the Town"celebrates the American Musical, bringing you the best of Broadway with back stories and songs"
Performance Today"live concert recordings that can't be heard anywhere else, as well as in-studio performances and interviews"
The Piano Matters"compares recordings of great piano works performed by various artists, analyzing and explaining differing approaches to the music"
Pipedreams"celebrating the organ, the 'King of Instruments'"
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra"performs music at the highest level of expression and artistic excellence to enrich our community and provide stellar experiences for our audiences"
Putumayo World Music"established ... to introduce people to the music of the world's cultures"
The Record Shelf"gain a deeper appreciation of classical music as you absorb host Jim Svejda's irreverent, selective and highly opinionated views of classical CDs"
Riverwalk Jazz"early jazz from the streets of New Orleans to the big-city sophistication of Harlem clubs in the 20s"
San Francisco Symphony"sets the highest possible standard for excellence in musical performance at home and around the world"
Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival"renowned for its innovative spirit, inspirational performances, and commitment to artistic excellence"
Sing for Joy®"explore the weekly themes of Christian worship by providing the best in sacred choral music and thoughtful commentary"
Sound Opinions"where people who love music can come together; your source for smart and engaging music criticism and conversation"
Sunday Baroque"beloved and appealing music composed in the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it"
SymphonyCast"great orchestras performing in the world's legendary concert halls"
Tent Show Radio"live performances from Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua"
The Thistle & Shamrock®"evolving music from Celtic roots in Europe and North America"
Weekend Radio"a curiously strange and offbeat potpourri of music"
West Coast Live"engaging conversation, music, and play"
With Heart and Voice"choral and organ music of many faiths, of many cultures, nationalities, and over a thousand years of celebration"
The World Cafe"essential and emerging artists"
World of Opera"compelling performances from top American and international opera companies"
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