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Garrapata State Park

Visitors to the area need travel no further south than Garrapata State Park (and as far south as Hurricane Point) to see Big Sur's famous rocky coastline at no cost. Access to the park is by means of 19 numbered turnouts along Highway 1, and these are easy to miss if you are driving quickly. For those traveling south, the northernmost turnout (numbered "1") is immediately after a "Garrapata State Park" sign posted on a hillside to the right and at a roadside mile marker labeled "MON 67.20". These mile marker values get smaller in value as you travel south. Therefore, as you leave Carmel Highlands traveling south, watch for markers labeled 69.00 and 68.00 so you do not overshoot. The southernmost turnout is numbered "19" and is just north of a mile marker labeled "MON 63.00"; northbound travelers should look for Rocky Point and then the Abalone Cove Vista Point turnout on the ocean side of the highway as signals that turnout 19 is just ahead. All turnouts are on the ocean (west) side of the highway.

Trailheads for trails going east into the back country are on the east side of the highway opposite turnouts 7 and 8. Trails onto Soberanes Point, west of the highway, are at turnouts 8, 9, and 10. There is a scenic overlook with a bench at gate 17. Garrapata Beach can be reached at turnouts 18 and 19.

The trails and restrooms at this park are not accessible to visitors with physical disabilities.


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Highway 1 at Garrapata State Park
marked turnout #5 at Garrapata State Park Garrapata State Park