Musical Public Radio Programs and Channels

How to Listen

Listen with your Computer or Mobile Device

You can listen to music programs and channels, and to radio stations, that stream over the Internet with your computer or mobile device.

To listen on your computer, you will need an Internet connection. Any reliable broadband connection is good enough, including WiFi, and reasonable results can be obtained even with dialup connection speeds as slow as 28K. You will also need speakers or headphones connected to sound card hardware inside your computer, and one or more audio software applications installed on your computer. There are no subscription fees or contracts (beyond the cost of your Internet connection) when you tune in on your computer.

To listen on your mobile device, you will need a cellular signal or WiFi connection, depending on your device. Your cellular provider may charge for your use of a cellular signal. The WiFi provider you use may charge for your use of WiFi.

Once you have used Allegro! to identify a program, channel, or radio broadcast service that you would like to hear, follow the link to that provider's Web site. Look for and use an icon labeled "Play" or similar.

Many audio services require no software on your computer or mobile device beyond what you already have. Some, however, may require the installation of an additional program or app. See "Streaming audio feed formats" and "Audio feed computer software" below for more information.

If you would like to share the audio that you are hearing on your device with a nearby audio system or set of powered speakers, or if you would like to hear audio on your audio system without using a computer or mobile device, see the page about how to listen with a WiFi Radio, Internet Radio Adapter, or Wireless Music System.

Streaming audio feed formats

Several audio feed file formats are being used to send streaming audio feeds over the Internet. Many radio stations provide their feeds in multiple formats at the same time, so you can choose among them.

Formats in wide use include:

Audio feed computer software

You'll need to have one or more Internet media software applications installed on your computer ... but you probably already do. Some of the available applications will play more than one of the streaming audio feed file formats.

Software applications in use include those listed below. If you need an application or would like to try one that you don't have, follow the links below to obtain the software. With some of these applications, only freeware versions exist. With others, the developer encourages you to buy a full-featured version of the software, or accept a temporarily-free trial, but a free version of each is very likely available; you may just have to look very closely on the Web pages you reach to find a link to it.

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November 2016