Allegro! Musical Public Radio Programs via Streaming Audio

Allegro! iTunes® Playlist

Users of iTunes® software can import a playlist containing all Allegro! audio streams in the MP3 and QuickTime™ formats. Download the playlist (or "Song List") below, save it to your hard drive as file "allegrostreams.txt", then use the File | Library | Import Playlist command in iTunes to import it. It will appear as a new Playlist named "allegrostreams" in your iTunes software.

If you can't see the menu bar that includes "File", click the icon in iTunes' upper left corner and select "Show Menu Bar".

To download the file, Windows users can right-mouse-click the link and pick "Save Target As", "Save Link As", or similar. Mac users with a one-button mouse can click and hold on the link to get the same options.

Download the iTunes allegrostreams playlist

The allegrostreams playlist is updated frequently. If you already have a copy of the allegrostreams playlist installed in iTunes, you should delete it from iTunes before importing the current version.

November 2016