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Many widely-known musical and music/variety radio programs broadcast by United States public radio stations can be heard by "streaming audio" over the Internet, through your computer or with some mobile phones, tablets, or music devices. This Web site, Allegro!, can help you locate and listen to these audio streams, no matter where you are in the world. You may be able to hear your favorite variety, classical, jazz, ethnic, or folk music programs at several different times during the day and week.

"The local public radio stations don't offer our favorite musical program any longer." .... "My local public radio station airs my favorite musical program at a bad time for me." .... "I had to miss my favorite program last night! Can I hear it somewhere else?" .... "I'm living overseas now! I wish I could still hear my favorite musical program." .... "Which of these programs can I hear right now?"

If you are in one of these situations, Allegro! can help. After you select your current time zone, you will see tables of times and days of the week at which you can hear a favorite syndicated musical or "music/variety" public radio program over the Internet, through your computer or with your mobile phone, tablet, or music device. You can follow links from that page to live audio streams from the broadcast services shown.

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The Programs

Please inform me if you discover erroneous listings on these pages. Also welcome: your general comments, suggestions, and recommendations of additional musical and music/variety public radio musical programs to list here.

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