The Class of 1970
The Summer Science Program
at The Thacher School

Orbiting Debris

This page is a repository (and possible final resting place) of any leftover differentiated, undifferentiated, or disintegrated stuff that's still floating around (in our homes, garages, trash cans, or brains) from the summer of 1970 at SSP.

The door to the lecture room
The door to the lecture room as it appears today

If you have photographs or scans of physical stuff or written records of vague, tormenting memories from 1970 to send in, please do so. They will probably end up on this page.

For example, can anyone make a passable scan of one of his or her astrograph plates? Any diary pages? Memories of pranks, escapades, epiphanies, or catastrophes? Snapshots?

To send in your debris, please use the Contact Us link.

Meanwhile, debris has been drifting in. Rob Arnott writes,

For what it's worth, the new classes at SSP don't have the fun that we did. I spoke at the 1996 graduation, and mentioned the watermelon in liquid nitrogen, and assorted other clean pranks and "experiments." I was surprised when some of the kids came up afterwards to tell me that they hadn't done anything of the sort; they were apparently much more conservative than we were.

Debris Images

Kim and Roger have sent in some debris images of many members of the class of 1970 from that summer and from later years.

Another alum recalls,

It wasn't a prank; it was a mistake. I heard about it the next day. Someone had been so wiped out during the wee small hours of the morning, loading up a fresh plate in the darkroom in preparation for the hike up the hill, that he or she forgot to close up the box of unexposed plates that was out on the darkroom counter before turning on the lights. The box was almost full of plates, all now ruined. The TAs said that from now on they would not be leaving nearly-full boxes of plates out where we could get at them. Though I was not there, I had dreams about that fatal instant: the light was on, and there was the open box full of plates.

This query also in from elsewhere:

Anyone know if the assorted literature that we contributed to the Thacher Library (and carefully crossreferenced in the Dewey Decimal System indexes under Pornography, Sex and other topics) still resides there to provide stimulus to the young Thacher minds?

... and two other alums have independently issued a related challenge:

Name the additional books entered into the Thacher library by SSP '70.

Peter Czipott recalls

...playing ping-pong at 2:30 a.m. using metal dust pans.
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The Class of 1970 of the Summer Science Program at The Thacher School
October 2014