The Class of 1970
The Summer Science Program
at The Thacher School

Class Roster

This page includes such information from members of the SSP Class of 1970 as they have given permission to disclose here. Where available, name and location of personal Web page are shown. I also have email addresses for these people, and for much of the rest of the class, but the addresses are not shown here to discourage spamming. If you'd like an email address, write to me.

If you're a classmate and you'd like more information about yourself to appear here, please drop a note to the Webmaster (see below).

Robert Arnott  
Roger Burk  
Frank Busalacchi  
Haldan Cohn  
Sheryl Cramer, M.D.  
Robert Crawford  
Peter Czipott  
Priscilla Hayes  
Berry Kercheval  
Jean Martin  
Richard Nolthenius
Victoria Paterno, M.D.  
Norris Preyer
John Rabold
Seth Stein
Kim (Fisher) Thomas  
Jon Tischler  
Jan Vrtilek  
Steve Webb  
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The Class of 1970 of the Summer Science Program at The Thacher School
June 2008