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What time is it where you are? Pick your current local time from this list and see Allegro! tables for your time zone.

The list on this page shows times in Europe, Africa, and Asia; and then Australia, New Zealand, and the western South Pacific at the bottom. The previous page, where the current time is earlier than shown here, starts at the International Date Line and goes east, so the eastern South Pacific is at the top, followed by the Americas.

If you still do not see your current local time on these pages, please report that problem here.

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Current Time
Saturday 2:53 am
Saturday 3:23 am
Saturday 3:53 am
Saturday 4:53 am
Saturday 5:53 am
Saturday 6:53 am
Saturday 7:53 am
Saturday 8:23 am
Saturday 8:53 am
Saturday 9:23 am
Saturday 9:53 am
Saturday 10:23 am
Saturday 10:38 am
Saturday 10:53 am
Saturday 11:23 am
Saturday 11:38 am
Saturday 11:53 am
Saturday 12:23 pm
Saturday 12:53 pm
Saturday 1:53 pm
Saturday 2:23 pm
Saturday 2:53 pm
Saturday 3:23 pm
Saturday 3:53 pm
Saturday 4:23 pm
Saturday 4:53 pm
Saturday 5:23 pm
Saturday 5:38 pm
Saturday 5:53 pm
Saturday 6:38 pm
Saturday 6:53 pm
Saturday 7:38 pm
Saturday 7:53 pm
December 2009