A Guide to Yosemite National Park

Camping in and near Yosemite

Camping near Yosemite National Park

Campgrounds outside but near Yosemite National Park include some near towns and others along remote roads. The U.S. Forest Service operates many campgrounds on its National Forest lands surrounding Yosemite National Park. Campsites at some of these campgrounds can be reserved. In addition, there are commercial campgrounds operated by private parties on private lands around Yosemite.

National Forest campgrounds

The United States Forest Service operates a variety of National Forest campgrounds on a seasonal basis near Yosemite in the Inyo, Sierra, and Stanislaus National Forests. Many of these campgrounds are operated on a first-come, first-served basis, but campsites at some can be reserved by using the recreation.gov Web site. Campfire permits are required.

Map of National Forest campgrounds near Yosemite National Park

This map shows the approximate locations of many National Forest campgrounds near Yosemite. The same campgrounds are listed below.

Map of National Forest campgrounds near Yosemite National Park
Cherry Valley Dimond O Lost Claim Lumsden Lumsden Bridge Moore Creek (Group) The Pines The Pines (Group) South Fork Sweetwater Big Bend Ellery Lake Junction Saddlebag Lake Trailhead (Group) Tioga Lake Dirt Flat Dry Gulch McCabe Flat Railroad Flat Willow Placer Summerdale Summit Camp Big Sandy Fresno Dome Kelty Meadow Nelder Grove Soquel Greys Mountain Recreation Point (Group) Forks Lupine/Cedar Bluff Spring Cove Wishon Point Chilkoot Upper Chiquito Gaggs Camp Whiskers Clover Meadow Granite Creek Jerseydale
List of campgrounds

Commercial campgrounds

There are several commercial campgrounds, operated by private parties on private lands, outside but near Yosemite National Park. Some are listed here.

For those who will be contacting camping providers by telephone, it is currently Thursday at 12:44 am (Pacific Time) in Yosemite National Park and vicinity.

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