A Guide to California's Big Sur

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Point Lobos State Reserve

Point Lobos State Reserve is a small gem, and in fact has often been called "the crown jewel of the State Park System". It is best to arrive early in the day. In addition to the coastal wildlife there are rare plant communities, interesting archeological sites, and unique geological formations. Bring binoculars, because much of the wildlife can be seen only at a distance. Obtain a brochure as you enter.

Because this park is small, vehicle access is limited: once a set number of vehicles is inside, entry by each additional vehicle is permitted only when one vehicle leaves the park. Visitors in vehicles may wait in line for entry. Visitors can, however, park outside the park boundary along Highway 1 (space is limited) and walk into the park; walk-ins pay no entrance fee.

Dogs (except guide dogs) and other pets, fires, and certain incompatible activities such as fishing, using cooking stoves, throwing balls or frisbees, climbing on the rocks, and flying kites are prohibited. Smoking is prohibited on trails and beaches. Bicycles are permitted on paved roads only.

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Highway 1 at Point Lobos State Reserve
Coastal scene, Point Lobos State Reserve Coastal scene, Point Lobos State Reserve Coastal scene, Point Lobos State Reserve