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Telephone Services in Big Sur

Cellular telephone services

Don't expect to depend on your cell phone in the Big Sur region. With the exception of the Big Sur Valley area, I have found cellular phone service along the Big Sur coastline to be spotty to non-existent. I found service to be acceptable from Andrew Molera State Park south through the valley of the Big Sur River, and excellent on Highway 1 at the Post Ranch and Ventana vicinity. With a different device and a different provider, you may have results that differ from mine.

The Mobiledia Cell Phone Reception and Towers Search Web site shows cellular towers in or near the following locations in the Big Sur region. There is no assurance that your phone, using your provider, will be able to use them.

Conventional (landline) telephone services

Public telephones can be found at the following locations in the Big Sur region:

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August 2005
Ripplewood and Glen Oaks vicinity Big Sur Station Big Sur Center and Loma Vista vicinity Gorda

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