A course in the local usage of fldigi and its supporting applications

NBEMS is the Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System, which includes fldigi and its supporting applications. The resources on these pages are offered to assist licensed Amateur Radio operators ("hams") in becoming familiar with NBEMS with a view toward using these tools locally, on the VHF and UHF bands and in FM mode. This sort of usage of the NBEMS applications is interesting to hams who

This is not to say that these applications, skills, and techniques are not appropriate for or can't or shouldn't be used on the HF bands (with wavelengths of 10 meters and greater). They are very useful on HF. This course, though, tries to be especially mindful of VHF and UHF users and does not address the subset of skills and techniques used by contesters and ragchewers.

KS6M's "NBEMS-Local" Course (VHF/UHF on FM)

I'm working on a program to help hams local to me in the ARRL East Bay Section, on the east side of San Francisco Bay, move along in their abilities to use these applications. These are early days! I hope to build resources here that people can use to go step by step from unfamiliar to expert.

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John Rabold KS6M
April 2020